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This galvanized sheep and goat feeder is designed to provide a durable and efficient feeding solution for your small livestock. The feeder is made of galvanized steel construction which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion, providing a long-lasting feeder. The feeder features a grain tray at the bottom that allows your animals to feed comfortably and prevent feed waste. This feeder is perfect for use in barns, pastures, or any other outdoor setting. Its sturdy construction and design make it ideal for both sheep and goats, making feeding time a breeze for you and your animals. The feeder is lightweight, easy to move around and easy to clean

Sheep and Goat Feeder

  • -Galvanized
    -4’ long x 3’ 3” high
    -Grain tray bottom

    • Galvanized
    • Grain Tray
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