Size: 4' High
Length: 330'
Weight: 120 lbs
Material: Class 1 Galvanized Steel
Strength: 14.5 Gauge

If you are looking for the best field fence for dogs, goats, sheep, horses, and cattle, light duty field fence 4' x 330' might be the ideal solution for you. All of our light duty field fencing comes with a 4"-x-6"-hole structure that progresses to 6" x 8" at the top in order to provide the ideal structure for animals of varying sizes. Light duty field fence 4' x 330' is made from class 1 galvanized steel and offers a 14.5-gauge strength for added durability against everyday wear and tear.

Light Duty Field Fence 4' x 330'

SKU: 0005
  • -2" x 4" Hole Structure
    -Woven joints provide plenty of strength