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The Temporary Construction Panel is a versatile and convenient solution for creating temporary partitions or enclosures on construction sites or other industrial settings. These panels are made from lightweight yet durable steel tubing with steel mesh making them easy to handle and transport. They are also designed to be quick and easy to install, with interlocking top pins and feet that allow for stable and secure connections. The Temporary Construction Panel can be used to create temporary walls, barriers, or enclosures to separate different areas of a construction site or to provide privacy and security. They can also be used as a dust or debris barrier to keep the work area clean and safe. They are also reusable, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution

Dimensions: 6′ x 9.5′

Colour: Light Duty – Black / Medium Duty – Black

Weight: Light Duty – 40 lbs.

Construction Panel Gate

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