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Single Strand Wire is the ideal option for helping structure blueberry and raspberry bushes and it makes a great alternative to barbed wire. All of our heavy-gauge single strand wire is made from class 3 galvanized steel, which is the highest level of galvanization. This means that the metal wire is specifically designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Single strand fence wire can be used to create a wire fence and can easily be set up to have an electric current running through it.

50lb- $90


Single Strand Wire

  • Regular Tensile 12.5 gauge:

    Length: 1600 ‘

    Weight: 50 lb. roll

    Material: Class 3 Galvanized ( Highest level )

    Strength: 12.5 gauge

    High Tensile 14.5 gauge: 

    Length: 3300′

    Weight: 100 lb.

    Material: Class 1 Galvanized

    Strength: 14.5 gauge.

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